Facts About Tasmania Destination Tour

Facts About Tasmania Destination Tour

EcotOnline – Do you have a plan to spend your holiday in australi? If you interest to visit this country you may go to tasmania. In this place you will find a secret of the nature because so many kind of amazing view that you  can enjoying.  One of the place give you experience like in europe, this is the unique fact about tasmania that many people dont know about this.

Before going to tasmania, australi you must prepare the destination first. Because in this place you will find many kind of place so you will confused with the choices if you dont know anything before. In this article we will explain you about the best destination in tasmania bellow.

Best Destination Plan Tour To Tasmania

Where you want to go first? Lake, or garden or the other?. We will explain you about the destination to make you easier to choice the place. Here is the facts from each places in tasmania nature destination.

  1. Bay Of Fires
    Bay Of Fires

The stone from this place has orange colour like a fire. There so many kind activities that you can spend in this place like camping, swimming, fishing or the other. You will enjoy the blue sea water and also white sand the origine of australi beach.

  1. Little Blue Lake
    Little Blue Lake

Dont swim in this lake is the fact about this beautiful lake. Maybe if you come for the first time to this place you will amaze with a blue lake and want to swim exactly. You must know that the water from this lake is contamintaion with a metal poisonous. So just enjoy a beautiful view and take a picture over here.

  1. Table Cape Tulip Farm
    Table Cape Tulip Farm

On Monday-Friday this place is opened from 09.00. this is a tulip garden from the farmer in table cape. This is the unique fact about australi, you look like go to the dutch with a tulip background in tasmania.

  1. Pieman River
    Pieman River

Do you interest to enjoy around the river with a ship journey like in the movie? The other activity is hiking and camping in this river. One of the fact in this river is become a electric source in this country.

  1. Maria island
    Maria island

There one of best photo spot in this island, that is a sorange stonewe can call by painted cliffs. The fact in this place that you must know is there is no a hotel or other place to stay for a night in this place. So you may prepare a camping tools if you want to stay for a night.

  1. Adamsons Waterfall
    Adamsons Waterfall

If you want to enjoy a waterfall in tasmania, you may go to adamson waterfall in southwest national park. You must know the fact before going to place, that this place is around the forest. So, who ever stay in this place will feel a warm and peacefull.

That is the facts each places from tasmania. If you confused to choose a place and think about transportation so you can choose a packaging tour in tasmania. You can get this package in tour and travel agent over there.

Caramoan, Camarine Sur

Unique Destination In Filiphina Tour

EcotOnline – As you know that filiphina has many kind of islands, so from this fact you can take a summary that many kind destination also in this country. Best destination is nature destiny like a mountain, lake or waterfall. Want to get a chance to go on vacation to the Philippines? Register yourself with a trusted IDN Poker agent https://betking88.live/. immediately get your holiday ticket. A good news for you if you interest to visit this country is you can get cheap price to your tour.

Before going to filiphina you may search an information about desrination that you want to visit. Why? Because if you dont prepare your destination before you will confused where you want to go fitsrly because almost place has amazing view. So, to make you easier we will give you recommendation places in filiphina.

Best Nature Destination In Filiphina

An unique one in filiphina tour is the view and also a culture. You will feel like in hawaii if you go to this country. Okay, without any further, this is the best nature destination that you must visit in filiphina.

  1. Banaue Rice Terraces
    Banaue Rice Terraces

Before we explain you about this terraces you must know that this terraces is 2000 years old. You will amaze with a terraces view with a green colour and landscape of nature view. Just take a breathe and get your fresh air here.

  1. Chocholate Hills
    Chocholate Hills

Wow, chocholate hills? Yes, you will find this view in bohol rgency of filiphina. This hills is covered by a land and chocholate grass if the grass touched with sunshine. so this is not an original chocholate plants.

  1. El Nido
    El Nido

One of best beach with a white sands is el nido, around this beach is lime mountain with a shining view. Many people didnt know about this beach, this is suit to you if you need a quiet beach to make you warm. If you interest to enjoy the deep of the sea you can dive this beach.

  1. Siargao Island
    Siargao Island

Siargao island give you best activity because this beach has a big wave. Not only the wave, but you can visit a mangrove forest and look a green view around this place.

  1. Caramoan, Camarine Sur
    Caramoan, Camarine Sur

Once again a beach with quiet place is caramoan. The sand in this beach is white colour. So if you interest with this white sand you can visit this place. One of best destination in this lace not only the beach but also waterfall and the cave underground, its amazing destination that you must visit in filiphina.

  1. Pagudpud Beach
    Pagudpud Beach

If you where hawai in filiphina you can visit this beach. The location is suit to you if you love to see a sunset. The water is so clear so this is why many people say this beach is same with the beach in hawai.

  1. Bantayan Island
    Bantayan Island

Far from modern style is bantayan island, the water is also clear like in the mirror. People around this island ever go this place to sacrified day. If you curious with ritual activity you can come in paskah day.

Okay, not only that destination you can visit in filiphina country, but that is the best destination we serve to you. So, lets plan your tour now and dont forget to invite your family to enjoy the tour.

Nepal, A Pieces Of Heaven In The World

Nepal, A Pieces Of Heaven In The World

EcotOnline – Nepal is the country that we can call by one thousand temple. In this country you will find amazing view and also a wonderfull building that has unique architecture. Except this reality there also another fact about nepal that nepal has has a mountains and lake with amazing view.

Many people has planned their holiday to go to this country. Dont worry about the price, because you will find many kind of tour and travel agent that give you a cheap price for holiday to nepal. So, just plan now and get ready to visit one of the pieces of heaven in the world.

7 Places That You Must Visit In Nepal

Okay, before going to nepal you must select the best place to visit. We suggest to you to visit a nature destination because this choice will give you best experienxein holiday ever. So this is 7 places in nepal that you must visit in your holiday.

  1. Chitwan National Park
    Chitwan National Park

First is chitwan national park. This park located near from india. In this place you can see many kind of animals with unique shape like elephant, tiger bengal and etc. Be carefull and dont disturb the animal or being them in scare.

  1. Phewa Lake
    Phewa Lake

Phewa lake located in pokhara, in the gate of himalaya mountain. If you take a picture in this place you will get amazing picture like in the paint because the background of the lake is higest mountain in the world.

In this lake you can rent a canoe to around the lake with another team. In the middle of the lake there is a barahi temple, you can visit this place when you around the lake.

  1. Mount Everest
    Mount Everest

if you ineters to climb a mountain and make a history, you may climb mount everest. Who dont know about this mountain?. But if you dont want to try to climb this mountain you may just look around this mountain.

  1. Tilicho Lake
    Tilicho Lake

The highest lake in the world you can find in nepal that is tilicho lake. This lake has 5.000 meter of high and th elocation of this mountain is in distrik manang around annapurna himalaya.

  1. Garden Of Dreams
    Garden Of Dreams

There is one of beautiful garden in nepal that is garden of dreams. This garden is in the palace area, the complete view in this garden its because ther is a watr viwew in the middle look like a lake.

  1. Poon Hill
    Poon Hill

If you interest with a hill view you can visit this hill. You can also try to fly in the sky using a paralayang. So it will make your holiday perfect.

  1. Kala Patthar
    Kala Patthar

In sagarmatha national apark you can see ice mountain kala patthar. There also other ice mountain but you must see this one because the view is so amazing.

There so many choiches that you can choocse if you want to visit nepal country and njoy nature destination. This destination is suit to you if you bored with a city destiny in your holiday. So, lets go the nepal now.

Tips for Traveling to Japan

Tips for Traveling to Japan

EcotOnline – Exploring Japan is a dream for some people. Who does not want to visit this country ?. Japan is indeed a favorite of tourists from Indonesia. Especially if it’s the sakura or snow season, surely almost everywhere there are Indonesian people. But, before leaving for backpackers to Japan, make sure you have a passport. What passports can you use? There are two passports, they are ordinary passports and e-passports. If you use a normal passport, you must obtain a visa before leaving. Of course, the process will be more complicated than using an e-passport. The use of e-passports allows you to backpacker to Japan without a visa for 15 days in a period of 3 years.

After having a passport and obtaining a visa, the next step is to buy a plane ticket. Buying plane tickets is a bit complicated, because it needs the right timing. After having a passport and obtaining a visa, the next step is to buy a plane ticket. Buying plane tickets is a bit complicated, because it needs the right timing. If you do not buy luggage during Japan-Indonesia, make sure the luggage does not exceed 7 kg. Airports like Osaka and Kyoto are very strict with luggage, if more than 1 kg can pay as much as 500 thousand rupiah. Make sure to buy a ticket home and lodging before reaching Japan. Because immigration officers in Japan are strict, they can be interrogated if they don’t have a return ticket and lodging.

After having a passport and VISA, there are several routes to be excellent when backpackers go to Japan, namely Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto. Some slightly improved paths might reach Shirakawa-go or Alpine Route. Here are some of the mainstream routes taken by Indonesian travelers:

  1. Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto
    Usually, departing from Tokyo, then take the shinkansen to nearby Osaka and Kyoto. You can take this route if you don’t get a PP ticket and have more money to buy a JR Pass (Pass to take an inter-city shinkansen ride). Why not promo? Because promo tickets usually PP through the same airport. Unless you plan to return to Tokyo after Osaka and Kyoto.
  2. Tokyo-Kawaguchiko-Shirakawago-Alphine route
    This route was taken by people I met in Narita. They took this route because last year they visited around Osaka. In Shirakawago you can find traditional Japanese villages and on the Alphine Route you can find icebergs (though not winter). Actually, the tourist city is divided into 3, namely Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido. There are some backpackers who choose to spend all three separately, some at once. (Although it’s very rare to take the Osaka-Tokyo-Hokkaido route because it’s too far).

Choose the city according to the budget and time spent. All cities in Japan are good. Because all can be explored and have similarities. For example, Kamakura is nicknamed Kyoto East Japan, so visiting Kamakura from Tokyo is more efficient than having to go far to Kyoto. Or visit Nikko instead of far away to Nagano.

Then, another thing you can notice is;


The timing is also varied. There are those who want to move between cities with each city for only 2 days. There are also those who want to stay longer in a city because they want to enjoy. Everything depends on taste. Time of departure was high season in early April or December. Early April due to the blooming of cherry blossoms, December due to the end of the snowy year in Japan. In addition, many Indonesians have a long holiday in December. Another option to avoid high season but still comfortable is late April or November.

Exotic Maluk Beach in West Sumbawa

Exotic Maluk Beach in West Sumbawa

EcotOnline – Coastal attractions in Indonesia are indeed very diverse. Because the territory of Indonesia is indeed dominated by territorial waters, so do not be surprised if many beaches have natural beauty that is very amazing.

The beach is still a favorite place for families to vacation, relieving fatigue after beaktivias, looking for natural fresh air. One of them that is not inferior to the Maldives is Maluk Beach.

The beach has a stretch of white sand that stretches from the north end to the south end, high evidence rises from end to end, the sound of small waves that clearly appear to wet the shoreline adds to the beauty of Maluk Beach. You can enjoy this atmosphere freely at Maluk Beach.

Besides being able to enjoy the natural beauty of white sand and the hills that surround it, you also enjoy the uniqueness of Maluk Beach compared to other beaches. Join with a trusted soccer gambling agent https://arenasbobet.biz/. Because the beach is shaped like a bay overlooking the sea off the equator. In the middle of the beach a big wave formed which crashed hard, but did not reach the shoreline. Quite unique right!

For those of you who like to surf, this place is perfect for surfing. The waves at Maluk Beach are nicknamed Super Suck because the waves in the middle can reach up to 2 meters high. But it did not get to the edge because it was divided by a promontory called Tanjung Ahmad.

The waves are quite high which is one of the best waves for surfers. They will feel challenged to conquer the ferocious waves on this Maluk beach. These big waves are the main attraction that you can get only at Maluk Beach. Because there are rarely beaches that have big waves in the middle but not to the side like other beaches in Indonesia.

Maluk Beach is an exotic beach in Indonesia. In addition to surfing, you can try a cool hangout overlooking the beach. You can relax and enjoy the beauty of the beach while eating and drinking.

You can also rent canoes at very affordable prices to get around the beach easily. When on vacation with family, you can also try the children’s playground, shower, and volleyball court.

The natural beach scenery that is a pity to miss is the sunset. You can enjoy the sunset view at Maluk Beach which is one of the best views. The golden yellow light drawn in the sea is perfect. You feel more comfortable for long at Maluk beach at dusk while enjoying the freshness of coconut ice.

It’s not too difficult to get to the location of Maluk Beach, which is precisely located in Maluk Village, Jereweh District, West Sumbawa Regency. You can use Damri buses to go to Mataram – Taliwang – Maluk. Then stop at Maluk then continue the journey by motorcycle taxi.

For those of you who need to stay around Maluk Beach, you can look for lodging around tourist sites that are also affordable. You can go to the beach in the morning to enjoy the quiet of the morning in the ocean.

For matters of eating you don’t need to worry, because there are many places that provide food menus that are suitable with the atmosphere of the beach, such as young coconut ice and seafood. Occasionally you can also take a closer look at how the hatchling cultivation is released from the beach at any time if it is large.

The Hidden Paradise of the Bawah Island that Has Not Been Touched by People

The Hidden Paradise of the Bawah Island that Has Not Been Touched by People

EcotOnline – For Maldives fans, now you don’t travel far away to Maldives to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature with a private resort. Not many people know that in Bawah Island there are resorts that can be used for a vacation to enjoy the silence of the ocean.

Bawah  Island is part of the Anambas Islands Regency, Riau Islands Province. Bawah Island there are many resorts that are environmentally friendly and based on conservation.

Around there are 73 bungalows which consist of Tent Villa and Water Villa, as well as various other facilities such as infinity pool, bar, library, and spa. The resort that was built on Bawah Island is an example of the first ecotourism concept that was put in place in the Aquatic Park.

According to the CNN news site that once wrote Anambas as one of the most beautiful tropical islands in Asia. So the matter of its natural beauty, Bawah Island cannot be doubted. The island is also equipped with three lagoons, which are a natural landscape that is rarely found on the world’s tropical islands.

If you visit Bawah Island, you will find one side of the island which is a very natural mangrove forest. The place is a monitor lizard habitat. In the morning, the waters around the mangroves will be crossed by many sharks.

This resort was built for the purpose of a private resort. So that not everyone can set foot on Bawah Island. Only guests and workers can come there. But you can enjoy the waters of Bawah Island and the four surrounding islands for free. The four uninhabited islands are named Sanggah, Murbah, Lidi, and the closest to Bawah Island is Elang.

Bawah Island can also be accessed by sea. You can depart from Tanjungpinang on Bintan Island by using a ferry to the Anambas Islands capital, Tarempa.

This international standard luxury resort on Bawah Island is suitable for travelers who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life and enjoy the calm of mingling with nature. You also visit it by air. From Hang Nadim Airport, you will take a private seaplane to Bawah Island.

With this air travel you can at the same time enjoy the amazing view of the small islands scattered in the Natuna Sea. Later this aircraft will also land above sea level.

Many activities that you can do on Pulau Bawah, such as doing water sports snorkeling, diving, swimming, and rowing a canoe boat, climbing hills, exploring the surrounding small islands, playing tennis, playing beach volleyball, playing sand, reading books in the library at the Lower Reserve Hotel, doing Board games, enjoying the sunset from Treetop Restaurant, to taking yoga, pilates and reiki classes.

Even at night you will not lose the idea to move. You can do stargazing and night snorkeling with the team from Bawah Reserve. If you are lucky to see a clear sky, you can see the beautiful milky way in the vast sky.

The number of activities that you can do. You will not feel bored and die of style while on vacation in Bawah Island. You also need to know that Bawah Island has its own time zone, which is 1.5 hours faster than Western Indonesia Time (WIB).


Complete Guide Holidays to Thailand

EcotOnline – Everyone would want to go traveling abroad even if only once in his life. Right? Even so, going abroad might not be easy for a first time traveler. Especially if you didn’t find out about a holiday guide for the first time. So that the vacation does not fail, you should first learn about the intricacies of the country you want to visit. To help, through this article you can get a vacation guide to Bangkok for the first time and without a tour. Starting from what must be prepared, what is prohibited, the best time, Bangkok’s favorite tourist attractions, Bangkok shopping, to culinary Bangkok that must be tried.

Before traveling to Bangkok, there are some things that you must prepare. Check out the review below!

  1. Passport
    Passport is the first thing that must be taken when traveling abroad. Even if you can, prepare a passport before you order a ticket for a vacation to Bangkok. How to make a passport in 2019 is also easier because you can register in line via online. If you already have a passport, make sure the passport validity period is not less than 6 months when departing. If your passport has a validity period of less than 6 months, you might cancel your vacation abroad because you were refused departure or arrival immigration. In fact, it is not uncommon for airlines to refuse passengers for boarding if the validity period of the passport is less than 6 months.
  2. Tips for Booking Flight Tickets and Hotels in Bangkok
    The next thing you have to prepare before going to Bangkok is to book airplane tickets and hotel bookings. Tips for getting cheap ticket prices is to be diligent in checking ticket prices offered by each online travel or travel agent. However, it is better to book through online travel because ticket prices can be checked and ordered at any time. Don’t forget to directly buy a ticket to go home to avoid unwanted events like running out of tickets, ticket prices soaring, or other things. Buying a round-trip ticket (PP) will also make it easier for you to escape easily during an interview session with the immigration authorities.
    Also book a hotel with the facilities and prices you want. Choose a hotel that is located close to a variety of public transportation and tourist attractions to save energy, time, and money.
  3. Buy a New SIM Card or Use a Roaming System
    The internet is now as important as the food we eat and the air we breathe. In order not to die of style, you should choose between buying a new SIM card in the destination country or using a roaming package from a local provider. Actually everything has its own pluses and minuses. SIM card sellers are usually found in the destination country airports. However, prepaid SIM card packages are usually limited, either in number of days or data usage. Before buying, find out first which is the best provider in Bangkok. If you don’t want to bother changing cards, you can use a roaming package from a local provider. However, data roaming packages are usually more expensive than buying a new SIM card in the destination country. In fact, the price can be 2x more expensive.

There are some things you should pay attention to when visiting a foreign country, especially for the first time, you have to find out information about local regulations and customs. Don’t want to accidentally break the rules? Also gather information about the weather or season so that you don’t get the wrong costume and the wrong event. Here are 4 rules in Thailand that you should know about.

  • When in Thailand, avoid whistling at night because the myth can make you unlucky seven children.
  • Avoid stepping on a statue of Buddha because the majority of Thai people are Buddhist and highly respect the smallest Buddha statue. Thai people respect their King very much. Do not be surprised if everywhere there are posters of the King. Let alone crossing out the poster of the king, talking bad about the king alone can make you unable to return to your country.
  • It is forbidden to touch the monk, especially if you are a woman. If you stop by the temple or any place that has a monk, try to stay away a little. If you want to make a donation, wrap the donation in cloth so that it does not come in contact with their hands.
  • For Thai people, people who point with their index fingers are as low as animals. If you want to call a taxi or waitress, do not shout let alone patted, just call with the palms facing down and moving the fingers up and down.


Sumba, the Charm of Eastern Indonesia

EcotOnline – End of 2019, it seems indeed very suitable in the contents of a vacation with family. However, for those of you who are still confused where to go, Sumba can be your choice of destination. Why does it have to be Sumba Island? . The island is located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara has extraordinary natural beauty. If you are interested in visiting there, then here are some choices of destinations that you can make as a reference;

Mbawana Beach.

The beach is located in the Kodi Balagahar Subdistrict, West Sumba. It offers a variety of white sand beauty with a row of stunning cliffs. To go to Mbawana Beach, you can travel by land, which is by car by taking 1 hour from the city center. Or for those of you who come from out of town and land at Tambolaka Airport, you can take 1.5 hours to get to this very beautiful beach. Not only that, even when you get to the entrance of this beach, you will be greeted by a winding route with 300 steps that are ready to be passed to this Mbawana beach. However, the exhaustion of climbing these stairs does not seem to be felt if passed with a carefree heart, joking with your family or loved ones.

  • Rende Village

    For those of you who like historical tourism or even want to know how the customs of the Sumba people are, then you can choose this Kampung Rende destination as one of the interesting destinations to visit. As one of the information that you need to know, that Kampung Rende is a village in Sumba Regency which is 40 km from the center of Waingapu City. You can find out the traditions of the people in the countryside, for example; The traditional traditional house of Kampung Rende is designed very sturdy, where at the front there is a stone grave that is hundreds of years old.
  • Bukit Warinding.

    For those of you who really want hilly tourist destinations that are very beautiful, and suitable to be immortalized in the moment of your trip. So, the right choice to choose Bukit Warinding as a destination for your Sumba tour this time. Bukit Warinding has a quite unique designation from the surrounding community, namely Lai Uhuk. This designation is taken from the location of the evidence which is on a curving road with an altitude of 100-200 meters above sea level. Of course, with the original savanna meadow formation, this hill is very beautiful.

  • Walakiri Beach.

    In addition to Mbawana beach, a destination around the beach that you can still choose is Walakiri Beach. Different from the previous beach, Walakiri beach has a natural beauty that is extraordinary, which has a unique mangrove decorated with a stretch of sand accompanied by rows of coconut trees that give the impression of a calm, calm and comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, for those of you who really like peace. This Walakiri beach destination can be used as one of the best destination choices on Sumba Island. Not only that, even Walakiri beach has another uniqueness, namely there are 2 different types of sand texture, between sand on the beach and sand in the former receding sea area, and this can be visited if you are receding.

  • If you want to travel to Sumba, don’t forget to stop by some of the tourist sites mentioned above, because these tourist locations are very impressive.