Exotic Maluk Beach in West Sumbawa

Exotic Maluk Beach in West Sumbawa

EcotOnline – Coastal attractions in Indonesia are indeed very diverse. Because the territory of Indonesia is indeed dominated by territorial waters, so do not be surprised if many beaches have natural beauty that is very amazing.

The beach is still a favorite place for families to vacation, relieving fatigue after beaktivias, looking for natural fresh air. One of them that is not inferior to the Maldives is Maluk Beach.

The beach has a stretch of white sand that stretches from the north end to the south end, high evidence rises from end to end, the sound of small waves that clearly appear to wet the shoreline adds to the beauty of Maluk Beach. You can enjoy this atmosphere freely at Maluk Beach.

Besides being able to enjoy the natural beauty of white sand and the hills that surround it, you also enjoy the uniqueness of Maluk Beach compared to other beaches. Join with a trusted soccer gambling agent https://arenasbobet.biz/. Because the beach is shaped like a bay overlooking the sea off the equator. In the middle of the beach a big wave formed which crashed hard, but did not reach the shoreline. Quite unique right!

For those of you who like to surf, this place is perfect for surfing. The waves at Maluk Beach are nicknamed Super Suck because the waves in the middle can reach up to 2 meters high. But it did not get to the edge because it was divided by a promontory called Tanjung Ahmad.

The waves are quite high which is one of the best waves for surfers. They will feel challenged to conquer the ferocious waves on this Maluk beach. These big waves are the main attraction that you can get only at Maluk Beach. Because there are rarely beaches that have big waves in the middle but not to the side like other beaches in Indonesia.

Maluk Beach is an exotic beach in Indonesia. In addition to surfing, you can try a cool hangout overlooking the beach. You can relax and enjoy the beauty of the beach while eating and drinking.

You can also rent canoes at very affordable prices to get around the beach easily. When on vacation with family, you can also try the children’s playground, shower, and volleyball court.

The natural beach scenery that is a pity to miss is the sunset. You can enjoy the sunset view at Maluk Beach which is one of the best views. The golden yellow light drawn in the sea is perfect. You feel more comfortable for long at Maluk beach at dusk while enjoying the freshness of coconut ice.

It’s not too difficult to get to the location of Maluk Beach, which is precisely located in Maluk Village, Jereweh District, West Sumbawa Regency. You can use Damri buses to go to Mataram – Taliwang – Maluk. Then stop at Maluk then continue the journey by motorcycle taxi.

For those of you who need to stay around Maluk Beach, you can look for lodging around tourist sites that are also affordable. You can go to the beach in the morning to enjoy the quiet of the morning in the ocean.

For matters of eating you don’t need to worry, because there are many places that provide food menus that are suitable with the atmosphere of the beach, such as young coconut ice and seafood. Occasionally you can also take a closer look at how the hatchling cultivation is released from the beach at any time if it is large.

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