Complete Guide Holidays to Thailand

EcotOnline – Everyone would want to go traveling abroad even if only once in his life. Right? Even so, going abroad might not be easy for a first time traveler. Especially if you didn’t find out about a holiday guide for the first time. So that the vacation does not fail, you should first learn about the intricacies of the country you want to visit. To help, through this article you can get a vacation guide to Bangkok for the first time and without a tour. Starting from what must be prepared, what is prohibited, the best time, Bangkok’s favorite tourist attractions, Bangkok shopping, to culinary Bangkok that must be tried.

Before traveling to Bangkok, there are some things that you must prepare. Check out the review below!

  1. Passport
    Passport is the first thing that must be taken when traveling abroad. Even if you can, prepare a passport before you order a ticket for a vacation to Bangkok. How to make a passport in 2019 is also easier because you can register in line via online. If you already have a passport, make sure the passport validity period is not less than 6 months when departing. If your passport has a validity period of less than 6 months, you might cancel your vacation abroad because you were refused departure or arrival immigration. In fact, it is not uncommon for airlines to refuse passengers for boarding if the validity period of the passport is less than 6 months.
  2. Tips for Booking Flight Tickets and Hotels in Bangkok
    The next thing you have to prepare before going to Bangkok is to book airplane tickets and hotel bookings. Tips for getting cheap ticket prices is to be diligent in checking ticket prices offered by each online travel or travel agent. However, it is better to book through online travel because ticket prices can be checked and ordered at any time. Don’t forget to directly buy a ticket to go home to avoid unwanted events like running out of tickets, ticket prices soaring, or other things. Buying a round-trip ticket (PP) will also make it easier for you to escape easily during an interview session with the immigration authorities.
    Also book a hotel with the facilities and prices you want. Choose a hotel that is located close to a variety of public transportation and tourist attractions to save energy, time, and money.
  3. Buy a New SIM Card or Use a Roaming System
    The internet is now as important as the food we eat and the air we breathe. In order not to die of style, you should choose between buying a new SIM card in the destination country or using a roaming package from a local provider. Actually everything has its own pluses and minuses. SIM card sellers are usually found in the destination country airports. However, prepaid SIM card packages are usually limited, either in number of days or data usage. Before buying, find out first which is the best provider in Bangkok. If you don’t want to bother changing cards, you can use a roaming package from a local provider. However, data roaming packages are usually more expensive than buying a new SIM card in the destination country. In fact, the price can be 2x more expensive.

There are some things you should pay attention to when visiting a foreign country, especially for the first time, you have to find out information about local regulations and customs. Don’t want to accidentally break the rules? Also gather information about the weather or season so that you don’t get the wrong costume and the wrong event. Here are 4 rules in Thailand that you should know about.

  • When in Thailand, avoid whistling at night because the myth can make you unlucky seven children.
  • Avoid stepping on a statue of Buddha because the majority of Thai people are Buddhist and highly respect the smallest Buddha statue. Thai people respect their King very much. Do not be surprised if everywhere there are posters of the King. Let alone crossing out the poster of the king, talking bad about the king alone can make you unable to return to your country.
  • It is forbidden to touch the monk, especially if you are a woman. If you stop by the temple or any place that has a monk, try to stay away a little. If you want to make a donation, wrap the donation in cloth so that it does not come in contact with their hands.
  • For Thai people, people who point with their index fingers are as low as animals. If you want to call a taxi or waitress, do not shout let alone patted, just call with the palms facing down and moving the fingers up and down.