The Hidden Paradise of the Bawah Island that Has Not Been Touched by People

The Hidden Paradise of the Bawah Island that Has Not Been Touched by People

EcotOnline – For Maldives fans, now you don’t travel far away to Maldives to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature with a private resort. Not many people know that in Bawah Island there are resorts that can be used for a vacation to enjoy the silence of the ocean.

Bawah  Island is part of the Anambas Islands Regency, Riau Islands Province. Bawah Island there are many resorts that are environmentally friendly and based on conservation.

Around there are 73 bungalows which consist of Tent Villa and Water Villa, as well as various other facilities such as infinity pool, bar, library, and spa. The resort that was built on Bawah Island is an example of the first ecotourism concept that was put in place in the Aquatic Park.

According to the CNN news site that once wrote Anambas as one of the most beautiful tropical islands in Asia. So the matter of its natural beauty, Bawah Island cannot be doubted. The island is also equipped with three lagoons, which are a natural landscape that is rarely found on the world’s tropical islands.

If you visit Bawah Island, you will find one side of the island which is a very natural mangrove forest. The place is a monitor lizard habitat. In the morning, the waters around the mangroves will be crossed by many sharks.

This resort was built for the purpose of a private resort. So that not everyone can set foot on Bawah Island. Only guests and workers can come there. But you can enjoy the waters of Bawah Island and the four surrounding islands for free. The four uninhabited islands are named Sanggah, Murbah, Lidi, and the closest to Bawah Island is Elang.

Bawah Island can also be accessed by sea. You can depart from Tanjungpinang on Bintan Island by using a ferry to the Anambas Islands capital, Tarempa.

This international standard luxury resort on Bawah Island is suitable for travelers who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life and enjoy the calm of mingling with nature. You also visit it by air. From Hang Nadim Airport, you will take a private seaplane to Bawah Island.

With this air travel you can at the same time enjoy the amazing view of the small islands scattered in the Natuna Sea. Later this aircraft will also land above sea level.

Many activities that you can do on Pulau Bawah, such as doing water sports snorkeling, diving, swimming, and rowing a canoe boat, climbing hills, exploring the surrounding small islands, playing tennis, playing beach volleyball, playing sand, reading books in the library at the Lower Reserve Hotel, doing Board games, enjoying the sunset from Treetop Restaurant, to taking yoga, pilates and reiki classes.

Even at night you will not lose the idea to move. You can do stargazing and night snorkeling with the team from Bawah Reserve. If you are lucky to see a clear sky, you can see the beautiful milky way in the vast sky.

The number of activities that you can do. You will not feel bored and die of style while on vacation in Bawah Island. You also need to know that Bawah Island has its own time zone, which is 1.5 hours faster than Western Indonesia Time (WIB).

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