Caramoan, Camarine Sur

Unique Destination In Filiphina Tour

EcotOnline – As you know that filiphina has many kind of islands, so from this fact you can take a summary that many kind destination also in this country. Best destination is nature destiny like a mountain, lake or waterfall. Want to get a chance to go on vacation to the Philippines? Register yourself with a trusted IDN Poker agent https://betking88.live/. immediately get your holiday ticket. A good news for you if you interest to visit this country is you can get cheap price to your tour.

Before going to filiphina you may search an information about desrination that you want to visit. Why? Because if you dont prepare your destination before you will confused where you want to go fitsrly because almost place has amazing view. So, to make you easier we will give you recommendation places in filiphina.

Best Nature Destination In Filiphina

An unique one in filiphina tour is the view and also a culture. You will feel like in hawaii if you go to this country. Okay, without any further, this is the best nature destination that you must visit in filiphina.

  1. Banaue Rice Terraces
    Banaue Rice Terraces

Before we explain you about this terraces you must know that this terraces is 2000 years old. You will amaze with a terraces view with a green colour and landscape of nature view. Just take a breathe and get your fresh air here.

  1. Chocholate Hills
    Chocholate Hills

Wow, chocholate hills? Yes, you will find this view in bohol rgency of filiphina. This hills is covered by a land and chocholate grass if the grass touched with sunshine. so this is not an original chocholate plants.

  1. El Nido
    El Nido

One of best beach with a white sands is el nido, around this beach is lime mountain with a shining view. Many people didnt know about this beach, this is suit to you if you need a quiet beach to make you warm. If you interest to enjoy the deep of the sea you can dive this beach.

  1. Siargao Island
    Siargao Island

Siargao island give you best activity because this beach has a big wave. Not only the wave, but you can visit a mangrove forest and look a green view around this place.

  1. Caramoan, Camarine Sur
    Caramoan, Camarine Sur

Once again a beach with quiet place is caramoan. The sand in this beach is white colour. So if you interest with this white sand you can visit this place. One of best destination in this lace not only the beach but also waterfall and the cave underground, its amazing destination that you must visit in filiphina.

  1. Pagudpud Beach
    Pagudpud Beach

If you where hawai in filiphina you can visit this beach. The location is suit to you if you love to see a sunset. The water is so clear so this is why many people say this beach is same with the beach in hawai.

  1. Bantayan Island
    Bantayan Island

Far from modern style is bantayan island, the water is also clear like in the mirror. People around this island ever go this place to sacrified day. If you curious with ritual activity you can come in paskah day.

Okay, not only that destination you can visit in filiphina country, but that is the best destination we serve to you. So, lets plan your tour now and dont forget to invite your family to enjoy the tour.